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What Makes a Flightcase "Touring Grade?"

We’ve recently began using 35mm angle and 35mm double extrusion on some of our Touring Grade Flightcases and here’s why:35mm Leg LengthThe increased leg length reduces the risk of excessive panel deformation and...

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New Paint Job

In the last few months we have upgraded our paint booth, which has also allowed us to upgrade our painting process and finish.

We have invested in the latest painting technology equipment, which is allowing us...

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Plasa and New Release: 12u Slide to Hide Slam Rack Flightcase

September was a busy month for us at Flightcase Warehouse, as we attended our first trade event since before the pandemic and we released not 1 but new products: 12u Slide to Hide Slam Rack and Touring Grade Road Trunk (which...

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