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About Flightcase Warehouse

Our Beginning

The Flightcase Warehouse began 30 years ago when Steve Austin (the Director & Creator of the company) was selling telecoms systems, which to his own admission "he was really rubbish at". He was travelling around with the phones in cardboard boxes, when he came up with a bespoke bag to carry them all in. This bag did so well that Steve resigned and started making bags which then turned into the first Flightcase for telecoms.

Due to the interest in the telecoms display case, Steve built the first order of 30, by hand and it's a bit of a running joke within the company, just how bad they were.

The turning point came when Steve got a call back in the very early 90s from a member of UB40's crew, who asked for some touring cases. Flightcase Warehouse was also the first company ever to build a monitor wall cinema flightcase for F1 for the Williams team back in ‘91-‘92. Since then the company has grown from strength to strength, moving from a 250sq ft rented, shared factory space in Birmingham to the current office, workshop and warehouse unit which is 60,000sq ft space, in Tamworth.

Each move gave the company more space to grow and grow it did, holding on to Family Values that were there at the start, has always been important to Steve and the team, they still run deep through every member of staff within the company from the directors, to office staff, to design, to the assemble team, to warehouse and despatch.

Our Values
Integrity - it's important for us to do the right thing by our staff and our customers, if we've made a mistake, we will do our upmost to rectify it.
Loyalty - ensuring our team are able to give their best whilst at work is essential, Sam and Steve are known for saying "without them we'd have nothing". Ofcourse this loyalty then extends to our customers.
Value for Money - ensuring that our products are of a high standard and always worth the money spent on them.

The Last 10 Years
Current Managing Director, Sam Austin started just as his dad did, building cases, out in the workshop though and not a shed, as the other directors within the company did and have all worked their way up to the position they currently hold. They all have the expertise and experience that the company prides itself on, their knowledge is at the level it needs to be to ensure all customers are happy and if they're not, the team can amend it. Sam has worked his way up through the company, studying at night school for his Business Degree meaning he was able to take the business to the next level and keep driving it forward with the team that is currently in place - Jason (Sales Director) with the company for around 20 years & Steve our Operations Director, who's been with the company for around 15 years.

The company has moved on from its humble beginnings 30 years ago, with one man building cases in his shed to having 30 members of staff across all departments, all with skilled expertise as well as specialised technology & equipment in order to create, design and build your case exactly to your specifications.

Specialists in design and the manufacturing of flightcases for a wide range of sectors, with a key focus on - Motorsport, Audio Visual, Entertainment & Aerospace. We have over 5000 products available which could be delivered the next day, you can shop online or for a custom design & build you can contact us and speak to one of our experienced team to get the exact flightcase you require for you and your businesses needs.

Company Timeline
1990 -
Company was formed
1991 - Moved to first rented shared, warehouse space
1995 - Bigger space & bigger team in Atherstone
1998 - Another move to Tamworth as the team gets bigger & demand grows
2010 - A few more units we moved to our current 60,000sq ft office, workshop & warehouse
2018 - Acquired Box Clever Cases
2019 - Acquired ABS Cases
2019 - Set up a hot desk office at Silverstone Park

Where we are:

Flightcase Warehouse,
Gerrard, Lichfield Rd Ind Est,
Tamworth, Staffs,
B79 7UW

Tel: 01827 60009
Fax: 01827 313877

How to find us:

  • M42 JCT 10
  • A5 towards Tamworth
  • 3rd exit off the dual carriageway
  • Straight over 1st island (McDonalds on your left)
  • Next Island straight over
  • Next Island turn left onto Lichfield Road
  • Turn right into industrial estate (Mariner)
  • Follow road down for approx 1/2 mile turn left just before Mates for deliveries & collections.
  • For office & shop keep going then turn left into Gerard.

Visit our showroom

Please feel free to come and visit our showroom.
Opening times are
Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm




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