The Dangerous Impact of Poor Service


The Dangerous Impact of Poor Service

We have all heard the stories. Every single one seems to go; ‘I wanted to take my (insert incredibly expensive piece of equipment here) onto the plane with me, but I was forced to have it checked in. When I retrieved it after the flight, it had been entirely broken!’ All too often this is the tale we are told by fellow travellers, musicians or professionals who need to take their incredibly expensive gear with them for work.
The problem is, it’s now taken for granted. Many have now taken to (or are forced into) buying an extra seat for their luggage, potentially doubling costs and giving an extra injection of stress into any journey. Blame however, should also be cast on the quality of the cases that are used to transport this incredibly sensitive kit. Any flight case that cannot live up to its very namesake isn’t worth the materials that it is made of, and no matter what way you look at, is an inferior product.
And what if the equipment isn’t yours? Tour managers, event professionals, freighting and shipping companies – all remain responsible for whatever it is they are transporting, and these are professions where quality protective equipment is the difference between staying in business and becoming insolvent.
That is no exaggeration either; in the modern world of high paced communication through social media (an ever diversifying landscape), just one unhappy customer can have devastating effect on the rest of your existing base. It’s a respected fact that it’s a lot less expensive to retain your existing customers than it is to sign up new ones, especially if growing your customer base comes at a time when your existing ones have left you due to a very visible backlash on social media.
So, what you may not have considered is the recovery operation after the initial backlash. Once it goes public, an incident can have a lasting effect on your profits for a long time. There have been a handful of incidents recently that are perfect examples. Think about how much these brands will have to roll out in terms of PR in order to once again build trust in their product, whilst your bottom line takes a beating. However, clawing back your public image counts for nothing if the actual equipment that your company uses remains to be inferior, and unreliable.
This has a lasting effect on profits as well. A loss in existing customers means man hours, admin, meetings – its not just a one off PR bill or product cost. It is a strong and positive customer lifecycle management programme paired with quality products that is going to keep profit margins high, and allow you to undergo business drives that will eventually lead to success.
This is why the Flightcase Warehouse has striven to ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality before they leave the workshop. Created in Britain, our experienced team of seasoned professionals have kept Flightcase Warehouse at the forefront of the protective equipment business. We also prioritise customer care; nothing is ever too much for our friendly team, and we ill look after you whether you’re an old friend or new arrival.
Our premium cases will make sure that anything you want to transport arrives in the exact same condition that it left – and our prestigious list of customers in all kinds of different industries and sectors can attest to that. Protect your bottom line by protecting your customers, and get in touch to see how we can help you today.

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