The Best Ways to Enjoy Pro Motorsport First Hand


The Best Ways to Enjoy Pro Motorsport First Hand

Followers of our social media will know that we’re keen on motorsport at Flightcase Warehouse. We work with professionals the world over and like to keep on top of the latest news, events and tech developments in the world of motorsport – from days out for the casual enthusiast to projects from global leaders. If you’re a motorsport fan too, the below 4 activities are great for getting more hands on with your favourite pastime.

1)    Track Days
Probably the simplest and most obvious way of getting yourself into the driver’s seat! Tracks days are perfect for testing you and your motor’s ability in an unrestricted environment. Most public circuits across the UK allow you to use their tracks for free, as long as you pass a few safety tests and inspections. If you’re looking to travel further afield, the European continent is home to some of the world’s most famous (and infamous) circuits – including the Nürburgring, a German track known for both its historic turns and endurance features.

One of the few drawbacks to attending track days is that the vehicle you use is your own – meaning that any damages, faults or mechanical failures must be dealt with on your own accord. Spare parts and a working knowledge of your vehicle is a must!

2)    High Performance Driving Experiences
Alongside track days, most racing circuits offer visitors the chance to drive vehicles that they may never have had the opportunity to before, or ever again. Supercars bearing the badges of Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren are all available for a driving experience at various locations across the UK to take out onto the race track. You can either enjoy a high-octane ride as a passenger or be put through your paces in the driving seat with a specialist instructor. Exhilarating!

3)    Off Roading Driving Experiences
Once-in-a-lifetime driving experiences are not limited to race tracks. If you don’t mind getting your wheels muddy, explore the range of outdoor options that allow you to push your driving threshold in difficult terrain. Land Rover tours, quad biking and high-powered dirt buggies let you break the countryside silence with loud engines (and not without a good spraying of mud from your rear wheels). For a great autumn activity head to one of the many sites dotted around farmland and privately owned woodland.

4)    Tank & Other Unconventional Driving Experiences

These are just a few days out you can enjoy though, with a wide selection throughout the UK and Europe that caters to different levels of interest, from casual to rabid. If you take part in motorsport experience days or work hard at delivering these experiences to your customers, visit, call 0800 612 7097 or email  for a complete protective solution for all of your motorsport equipment. 

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