SoundCloud and When Disruption Works


SoundCloud and When Disruption Works

In the decade since it was founded, popular music website SoundCloud hasn’t just changed its content and capabilities but also the industry of which it is – albeit not in the classic sense – part of. More and more popular artists are hailing from the platform and increasing numbers of aspiring artists are turning to the site as a means of securing real professional success. Being a supplier of protective equipment to many brands, artists and support professionals in the music sector we at Flightcase Warehouse have a keen interest in this innovative music distribution tool and recently dug into SoundCloud’s profile to uncover why exactly it’s disrupting the norm quite so effectively.

Breaking Free From Traditional Industry Structures
Music has always been a tool for political expression and a vehicle for embodying community which asides from mainstream pop, has been largely embraced. However, in recent years many of the big industry players have left a bad taste in the mouths of musicians and fans alike due to chart monopolisation, unsupportive buy-outs and homogenisation of sound.
SoundCloud particularly has made it possible for musicians to build a family of fans free from the chokehold of the major record labels and the politics that come as part of the package when linked to certain names. Site users don’t need to worry about putting in the hours only to have a song cut from the track list or censor themselves if this isn’t their style. They can also connect directly with audiences, control narratives and collaborate (whether out of passion or strategically) to ensure they’re in a large part, masters of their own destiny.
This autonomy and contrast of freedoms is a huge pull to emerging artists and touted as a key reason why SoundCloud hasn’t just blown up in the last decade, but in recent years, has been pumping out success stories such as Post Malone and Lil Pump. The online music community is no longer just for underground artists and as such we feel that industry leaders will increasingly turn to platforms such as SoundCloud as a way to generate revenue.

Connecting Musicians with Loyal and New Fans
The volumes of history suggest that music fans are some of the most dedicated and passionate out there. They’ve always wanted to get closer to their idols and artists are also (in the main and especially those entering the industry) keen to connect with the people powering their success. Platforms such as SoundCloud have changed the industry by removing the metaphorical and sometimes physical barriers between fan and musician.
The website describes itself as providing “a platform for musicians to communicate directly with fans and vice versa” allowing artists to engage with “fans on a personal level and create meaningful relationships with them”. In commercial terms at least, this increases the chances of music purchase, ticket purchase and loyalty which can translate into a steady and profitable income.
This is in stark contrast to just sending demos off to record companies, approaching venues for gigs and curating a loyal fan base down on the ground. Supporting this activity with a digital, accessible SoundCloud presence means that artists can create and connect quicker and often with more affordable entry costs and we’re betting that this shakeup isn’t just a temporary thing. We’re really interested to see how the traditional industry reacts and adapts to stay relevant, find talent and retain reputation with the likes of SoundCloud hot on their heels.

Offering Free Access to Unique Music People Love
It’s not easy to get something for free these days, especially on the internet music scene which has come under fire for undercutting musicians’ wages and taking cash out of their hands. However thanks to an innovative model, SoundCloud has managed to break the pattern and ensure fans still get affordable access and musicians retain a springboard to success.
SoundCloud states that “people can listen to songs from musicians from all over the world, free of charge including offline”, saving that precious mobile data and beating the dreaded Wi-Fi drop out. Genres are vast and new creators are popping up literally every day, which means that an artist’s source of inspiration and collaboration is always rich and fans will have a hard time getting record fatigue. This modern, fair and effective way of sharing and consuming music underpins SoundCloud and we fully expect the platform to grow and similar platforms to be established.
At Flightcase Warehouse we design and manufacture gold-standard protective kit – from heavy duty road trunks to our very own multifunctional integrated flight cases – and are specialists in the music industry. Too find out how we could help you get the most from your kit, from off the shelf to bespoke solutions, please email or call +44 (0) 1827 60009.

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