Looking Back on Our Best Bespoke Projects Built Using O


Looking Back on Our Best Bespoke Projects Built Using O

Time really does fly. This August it’s been 2 years since Pro Flightcase and our pioneering 6 Step production process launched. Our 6 Steps were created to deliver precision-perfection flightcase customisation and have yielded countless amazing projects, from race car sized flight cases to magic mirror photo booths.

To celebrate Pro Flightcase’s second birthday, our team wanted to share some inspiration with you and have been looking back on some of favourite custom builds from the last 24 months. Keep reading to discover more about how our 6 Step process transforms creative ideas into reality or  check out the full case studies at www.proflightcase.com - it’s hard to pick which we like best!

Viking Motorsport:

This custom job saw our Pro Team achieve an impressive feat of flight case building. They created a protective, portable structure built to the size of a racing car which was used to safely transport a rally motor as it made its way overseas to compete in events in the USA. Read more at: http://proflightcase.com/viking-motorsport-case-study/


This eye-catching and totally unique flight case-meets-presentation case featured slick perspex panels and dazzling LED in-case lighting. It was signed by the celebs themselves and included a souvenir award and Évos headphone, before being auctioned off in a charity raffle. Read more: http://proflightcase.com/mtv-case-study/
Bright Photography’s Magic Mirror
A particularly memorable project for the team. We worked with our client to deliver fully integrated flight case built specifically to house their innovative Magic Mirror photo booth, guaranteeing protection for the equipment whilst in use at events the length and breadth of the UK. Read more: http://proflightcase.com/magic-mirror-case-study/

ESL Gaming

This bespoke project was all about protecting and championing the hard work that goes on behind the scenes and the advanced tech that powers it. These flight cases ensure our world-renowned eSports client can stage unrivalled, top-quality gaming tournaments around the world, supporting thousands of competitors. Read more: http://proflightcase.com/esl-gaming-case-study/



Working with a third party, we produced a stylish, brand-enhancing flight case fleet to store and transport the kit required to make exclusive, top-secret CIROC events happen. This custom project was one of the first to utilise full colour, Pro Flightcase digital printing, too. Read more: http://proflightcase.com/ciroc-vodka-case-study/

Aerospace Giant (Non-Disclosed):

This build truly illustrates the versatility and endless options flight cases offer as a means of organisation, storage and transport. Our bespoke accumulation and material presentation system was tailored for extra protection against hazards and contamination, greatly improved manufacturing process flow and production times  increased warehouse space by 25%. Read more: http://proflightcase.com/aerospace-case-study/

Do you have a requirement for a flight case solution built to your exact spec or an idea for something out-there and unique that could transform your operations? Or perhaps you’re facing a challenge that you feel bespoke equipment storage or transit you help your business to overcome? If so, we’d love to hear from you and see how we can help. Please email sales@flightcasewarehouse.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1827 60009 to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

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